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Welcome To Our Profile !!

Welcome To Our Profile !

Nitin and Viral Mody are the father-son duo who have been at the helm of operations for IDEC Flow Control Mr. Nitin Mody, the president of IDEC, has been involved with the oil & gas industry for nearly half a century. He began his career in the United States with Rockwell Valves in the 1970's before moving to Grove Valves & Ledeen Actuators, which are now part of the Cameron-Schlumberger group. Mr. Viral Mody joined the family business about 11 years ago, expanding the portfolio to more esoteric products like SubSea Multi-Phase meters and SubSea actuators, SSIV, Umbilical, HIPPS which require more sophisticated technical skill sets.

Idec flow control is a subsidiary company of the Indian Devices & Engineering Corporation (IDEC) which caters to hydrocarbon industry for over four decades. (Click here to learn more about IDEC (IDEC webpage link). IDEC INDIA has over four decades of engineering and marketing experience in the Oil & Gas industry for valves and actuators. IDEC has been associated with the world's premier brands like Rockwell international, Grove and Cameron.

Idec flow control is a service-oriented company specialized in valve-actuator, instrumentation, various electrical and automation equipments repair and maintenance.


Idec flow control is engaged in the business of repair, maintenance, site survey, health check-up, consultancy, retrofitting, installation, and commissioning of valves, actuators, instrumentation items and various electrical and automation equipments


Our dynamic, highly skilled workforce are experts in the field of valve repair and associated instrumentation. They bring a wealth of passion and experience in providing customized solutions tailored to each customer's requirement and across various industrial sectors.

Our team of engineers and technicians is rigorously trained and available to travel on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are also qualified to operate onshore and offshore.


At Idec flow control, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, reliability, efficiency and unparalleled customer support. Our guiding principle is a preventive and proactive approach to the installation, and operation of valves. We believe that such an approach can go a long way towards assuring the smooth sailing of a project. Moreover, a proactive approach creates a reliable frame-work within the project schedule to independently test the valve/actuators/controls at a third party location before they are delivered to the site. Alternatively, the end user can decide to test these valves at an independent Valve Automation Centre (VAC)

In India however, the concept of proactive valve/actuator maintenance is fairly unknown. As a result, Indian buyers are often blindsided by the risks and damage caused by reactionary approaches to maintenance. At Idec Flow Control, we seek to change that approach.


Idec flow control has a service centre in Mumbai and plans for an upcoming mobile workshop. The workshop is already ISO certified and now IDEC Flow Control is in the process of certifying its service centre to API standards wherever applicable.

In addition to valve repair, Idec flow control also brings a vast experience in automation and controls for actuators.


In order to tackle the problems faced by critical applications we have technical collaboration with overseas service providers.

  • Care-O-Vale (COV), Italy for services, maintenance, and repair of valves and actuators for offshore and onshore Oil & Gas & Petrochemicals, etc. (Click Here for more details)

Idec flow control Authorized service provider for:

  • Paladon, UK - pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic actuators, gas over oil and direct gas actuators. (Click Here for more details)
  • Enertork, Korea - Electric Actuators. (Click Here for more details)
  • Great Wall Electrical (GWE),China - electrical products.

We provide complete installation, commissioning, trouble-shooting and after sales service support for these products. Our strategic partnerships with the above companies allow us to cover nearly all the critical services of industry.

Our Clients :

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Our Technical Collaboration

idec flow control

Our Services

  • • Health check-up of valves, actuators, and controls.
  • • Shutdown maintenance and express deliveries
  • • Valves & actuators repair, overhauling, retrofitting and troubleshooting.
  • • Valve Automation Centre (VAC)
  • • Valves Distributor / Stockist
  • • Supply of valve, actuators and instrumentation items :

Health check-up of valves, actuators, and controls.
We offer site surveys for the health check-up of valves and actuators installed at your plant as a key element of 'preventive maintenance' approach. We provide detailed reports on the valves, actuators and controls along with possible flaws and recommend corrective actions.

Shutdown maintenance and express deliveries
It is our endeavor at Idec Flow Control to ensure that any downtime faced by our customers is rectified at the earliest. Our specialized team of technicians and engineers can be immediately deployed to resolve issues and restore the valves to functionality. Safety standards and PPE are followed as a standard practice during site work.

Valves & actuators repair, overhauling, retrofitting and troubleshooting.
Idec Flow Control offers specialization in the repair and overhauling of all type and all make of valves and actuators. We provide the best-suited, most practical and economical solution to tackle your problems. Our extensive experience in the field has generated a massive amount of data on thedifferent types and makes of valves. This database is a major asset to our company as we are able to use the learning from our past experiences to help us craft solutions for new and future challenges.

All types of Manual Valves (Ball, Globe, Gate, Globe and Check)
- Actuated Valves            - Safety Relief Valves
- Control Valves               - Pressure Safety Valves

Valve Automation Centre (VAC)
Our Valve Automation Centre is set to handle present-day industrial operations without manual intervention to suppress human errors. The current industry situation demands for feedback control mechanism in plant for smooth and hassle free operation.
Actuator is assembled on valve with mounting brackets, linkage, feedback controls and positioning systems to achieve desired position.

Valves Distributor / Stockist
Idec flow Control is service provider and distributor/ Stockist for all types of valves and actuators.
We have an expertise to offer technical consultancy services for more than 40 years in field of Valves and actuators. We understand the product requirement and we are able to provide customized valves with actuators with a shortest turn around and along with associated instruments accessories for Valves and actuators.

Supply of Industrial Control Valves, Actuators and Instrumentation items :
Being a specialist in the field of automation we also cover supply of all types of Control valves, actuators and instrumentation items for control of flow, level, pressure & temperature. Valve, actuator and instruments controls sizing & selection is vital tool in industry. We understand customer's process, design, environmental and requirements and provide best suited solution upto customers satisfaction.


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Administrative Office : -

No. 5/A, 2nd Floor, Malhotra House Opposite GPO, near CST Station, Fort, Mumbai-400 001 INDIA

Head Office : -

Unit 210, 2nd Floor, Pragati Industrial Estate, 316, N. M. Joshi Marg, Lower Parel (E), Mumbai-400 011 INDIA

Office : - +91 22 22703131 / 3232

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